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World Duty Free End Of Summer Cocktails – Blood Orange Cointreau

TweetI’m not in the habit of turning down hampers of booze. So I welcomed World Duty Free’s offer with open arms. Well, sort of. They asked if I’d like to recreate one of their Summer Drinks Festival cocktails. I actually … Continue reading

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Lardo & Smoked Salt Pretzels

Tweet I got my days all skewed last week. Why did I squander a balmy Friday evening slaving away in a humid kitchen when Sunday was so miserable? Oh well, with our unpredictable weather, these things can’t be planned, and … Continue reading

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A brunch twist on Panzanella for the onset of Autumn

Tweet I struggle with raw tomatoes in this country. Unless plucked directly from our allotment, still warm from the sun’s kiss and sweet from the caress of fresh air and goodness, they just don’t taste good; bitter, wet and sour … Continue reading

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N’duja Focaccia

Tweet One of my favourite places to take brunch these days is Salon in Brixton Village. I hear they do a cracking evening service but, well, brunch is where my heart is, and after a tough session at the gym, … Continue reading

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Pancetta, Peach, Bourbon & Thyme Breakfast Buns

Tweet This is a bun that shoehorns everything I want for breakfast into one neat package. Sweet, savoury, peach and porky, spikily salty and sugary with a herbal twist. Umm, and booze… I based this on Felicity Cloake’s chelsea bun … Continue reading

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Summer’s Here – Of Peaches, Figs & Elderflowers

TweetA sudden craving to be pottering around in the kitchen means – oh there it is –  a new season has arrived, bringing with it fresh produce and inspiration renewed. I’m as ever predictably whimsy. I had, not a small, … Continue reading

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Neighbourhood Dining – 161 Kirk & Fields Cafe

TweetIf you asked me which of the many, many restaurant, cafe and bar openings I was most excited about last year, I wouldn’t hesitate with my two answers – Fields and 161 Kirk. As I’ve grown more meh about proper … Continue reading

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Pao de Queijo and the Beauty of Breakfast Abroad

TweetI never take breakfast at home, merely a couple of black filter coffees at my desk, less if I’m out at meetings, a snack (again when desk bound) if I’m actually famished – not often. However when travelling, as I … Continue reading

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Gypsy Tart with Cachaça Lime Curd

Tweet You either know what Gypsy Tart is, were brought up on it at school and love it, or you really don’t, and are probably faintly alarmed by the idea of this searingly sweet creation that is sweet pastry filled … Continue reading

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Three Cheese, Porchetta, Pink Radicchio, Hazelnut & Truffle Honey Toastie

Tweet Last weekend I suggested B might like to make his own dinner. Knowing I was eating at home too, and he being not often prepared to miss out, the obvious question followed; ‘Why, what are YOU having?’ . His … Continue reading

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