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Neighbourhood Dining – 161 Kirk & Fields Cafe

TweetIf you asked me which of the many, many restaurant, cafe and bar openings I was most excited about last year, I wouldn’t hesitate with my two answers – Fields and 161 Kirk. As I’ve grown more meh about proper … Continue reading

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Pao de Queijo and the Beauty of Breakfast Abroad

TweetI never take breakfast at home, merely a couple of black filter coffees at my desk, less if I’m out at meetings, a snack (again when desk bound) if I’m actually famished – not often. However when travelling, as I … Continue reading

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Gypsy Tart with Cachaça Lime Curd

Tweet You either know what Gypsy Tart is, were brought up on it at school and love it, or you really don’t, and are probably faintly alarmed by the idea of this searingly sweet creation that is sweet pastry filled … Continue reading

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Three Cheese, Porchetta, Pink Radicchio, Hazelnut & Truffle Honey Toastie

Tweet Last weekend I suggested B might like to make his own dinner. Knowing I was eating at home too, and he being not often prepared to miss out, the obvious question followed; ‘Why, what are YOU having?’ . His … Continue reading

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Bar Dining – My Recommendations

TweetThis time of year tends to signify a period for reflection, ahead of striding forward into the next year with all guns blazing, resolutions like ammo sitting loaded in pockets, learned nuggets of wisdom promising a, perhaps, straighter path through … Continue reading

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N’duja, Goat & Ewe’s Cheese, Truffle Honey & Sage Toastie

Tweet I’ve been to some great restaurants this year and some terrible ones, some fancy and some more basic, but I’m a simple creature at heart and quite often all I really want is something comforting betwixt two slices of … Continue reading

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Of Sprouts and Marzipan.

Tweet Sprouts and marzipan. Both pretty  divisive festive ingredients – I imagine those little sprouts made of marzipan are enough to turn many a stomach while at the same time reducing others to wobble knee’d joy. I bloody love them … Continue reading

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Warmed Figs with Crumbled Roquefort, Red Wine & Black Pepper Syrup & Red Wine Salt

Tweet It’s  a rare day that I actually cook a coherent meal. You know, traditional fare like a roast dinner, meat and veg or pie. No, I’ve adopted an in house dining style that mimics my bar led dining out … Continue reading

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Two Twists on the Classic Turkish Egg Dish, Çilbir

Tweet I’ve spoken about my love of brunch before, how I will often have brunch for dinner, it’s usually a quick solution combining many of my favourite things. I tend to err towards a balance of comfort and spice, something … Continue reading

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Doughnut Takeover at Bruno Coffee & Bakes

TweetWho knew eh? That the quaint and touristy Kent town of Rochester would lap up the weird and wonderful doughnut brain farts of me and Bruno. But they did. They were even banging on the door for us to open … Continue reading

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