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Greengage, Cobnut and Stem Ginger Cake

Tweet Harvest is a word that I associate with the rosy blush of autumn, just the very sound of the word conjors the crisp crunch of tiny British apples and juicy bite of plums. No doubt I’ve been influenced by … Continue reading

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Of Pasta & Figs

TweetI love the transition between Summer and Autumn possibly most of all of any of the other season’s handovers. It’s perhaps no coincidence then that this ephemeral, twilight period is when figs drop auspiciously into shops, causing my heart to … Continue reading

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Casual Dining Spots; Roti King, On The Bab, Burro E Salvia, Dindin Kitchen

TweetAs much as I enjoy a leisurely evening of cocktails and nibbles or a long, lazy brunch at the weekend, there’s also something to be said for cheaper, maybe more perfunctionary eats. Be that a working lunch or an early, … Continue reading

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La Cucina Asellina – Pasta Masterclass & A Brunch Pasta Recipe

Tweet Ever since my trip to Rimini in June this year I’ve been contemplating making pasta. Fully contemplating mind, not actually doing, for it’s remained one of those things that seems specialist, requires niche skills, best left to the experts … Continue reading

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L’anima Cafe, *that* N’duja & A Peach, N’duja & Comte Toastie

TweetI hurriedly made a reservation during L’anima Cafe‘s soft opening around a month ago, if I’m honest on the merit of just a couple of items that had been brought to my attention via social media. It’s often the way. … Continue reading

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Peach & Pistachio Friands with Honey Whipped Greek Yoghurt

Tweet Guessed my latest food obsession? That’s right; peaches. I cannot get enough of them, and you’ll know this if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram. What? I have an addictive personality ok?! This year, it’s mainly the pale … Continue reading

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Griddled Doughnut Peaches, Feta, Pistachio & Mint

Tweet This is more of a suggestion than a recipe really as it’s all I’ve been craving in these lazy days, full of glorious sunshine and air like soup, that inspires a big fat negative on the activity, and certainly … Continue reading

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The Palomar & Arabica Bar & Kitchen

TweetI’m always attracted to food that’s roughly influenced by the Middle East, there’s something mystical about the fragrant and often heavily spiced cuisine that I find so utterly different from the food I was brought up on and therefore bewitching. … Continue reading

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Pump Street Bakery Sourdough and Sea Salt Chocolate

TweetThis is pretty much my favourite chocolate bar at the moment. Pump Street is a Bakery up in Suffolk. I’d been aware of them for some time, mainly as I’d heard they were producing some increasingly good bean to bar … Continue reading

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Almond Milk and Spelt Ricotta Pancakes with Maraschino Laced Cherries

Tweet I’m a sucker for cherries, so I’m in heaven that there are plump and juicy varieties in all of the supermarkets and farmers markets right now. Not that it stops me when they’re not in season, I turn to … Continue reading

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