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Pump Street Bakery Sourdough and Sea Salt Chocolate

TweetThis is pretty much my favourite chocolate bar at the moment. Pump Street is a Bakery up in Suffolk. I’d been aware of them for some time, mainly as I’d heard they were producing some increasingly good bean to bar … Continue reading

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Almond Milk and Spelt Ricotta Pancakes with Maraschino Laced Cherries

Tweet I’m a sucker for cherries, so I’m in heaven that there are plump and juicy varieties in all of the supermarkets and farmers markets right now. Not that it stops me when they’re not in season, I turn to … Continue reading

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Spoilt for Choice in Fitzrovia

TweetNot so long ago Oxford Street and it’s peripheries was somewhere to be avoided, better left to the tourists that bung up the streets with their slow, aimless, zombie shuffle. The shopping, or anything worth shopping for at least, dried … Continue reading

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Little Boreka Pies from the Honey & Co Book

Tweet I try to limit the number of cook books I buy these days, it’s all too easy to click the ‘buy’ button on Amazon, or to become seduced in the flesh by the heady scent of virgin pages and … Continue reading

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Revisiting New York & Williamsburg

TweetI forget how vast the states are and how different each of the towns and cities within it ¬†feels. I felt it when I first visited Williamsburg last Christmas, an eery stillness I hadn’t come across before, so far removed … Continue reading

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Workshop Coffee Holborn

TweetSince writing this piece for Caffeine Magazine, Workshop has now opened to much positive press. I managed to visit last weekend when they hosted the UK aeropress Championships in conjunction with Square Mile. The image below is of the UK … Continue reading

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N’duja, Mozzarella and Basil Fritters

Tweet When toying with recipes, I often create a draft with notes in here that I might spend a week adding to and/or amending. I generally have a notion of what I want to make, it will then evolve as … Continue reading

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Cauliflower & N’duja Fritters

Tweet Another weekend’s past and another Sunday where I drink coffee and write/work until my stomach springs into action and demands something to eat, whereby I have to get up, hit the shops and rustle up whatever that thing is. … Continue reading

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Sandwiches – A Retrospective Post

TweetIn a state of slothful lethargy, it took a single image of a toastie from @Rocketandsquash to rouse me into action, out of the house and to the shops to procure some suitable ingredients. Of course, by this point, it … Continue reading

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Temecula and Seattle

TweetSince I started selling products manufactured out of a town called Temecula, situated between San Diego and Los Angeles, I’ve come across just one person who’s ever heard of the place, and so I had very limited expectations from a … Continue reading

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