Doughnut Takeover @ Bruno’s Bakes & Coffee – Take 2

I encountered Bruno, as is often the way these days, through a community of friends and acquaintances on Twitter. We met for the first time, in actual real life, at one of the South Bank food festivals and bonded subsequently over our love of the more quirky and mutually inspiring flavour pairings, often combining sweet with savoury. His inimitable style is an unusual mix of Southern BBQ with French pastry techniques; I’ll never forget the BBQs he held at his house when he was living in East London.

Opening his Rochester cake and coffee shop was a brave move out of London and it’s Londoncentric food scene, and for a long time him and his partner really struggled with the small town mentality there and sudden cold shoulder from London – Londoners not being so accepting of that South of the river, near the river, let alone a number of towns into the depths of Kent…

So when we decided to put on a doughnut day last year, it was as much to give the little shop a spot of well deserved attention as it was an opportunity for the pair of us to go a little bit crazy in the kitchen. It paid off and they had their best day up to that date – this has obviously now been superseded in the year since, but we decided to to hold another takeover anyway; for old times sake, for the love of doughnuts and, hell, just of the fun of it.

Last year, we weren’t entirely confident Rochester would be ready for our slightly crazier ideas but we sold out regardless, so I’m excited to announce the following menu for our next doughnut day!

21st November 2015 @ Bruno’s Bakes & Coffee


Yuzu Meringue Pie – Yuzu Citrus Curd Filling with Meringue topping & Seschuan Pepper Sprinkles

Pecan Praline & Bourbon filled topped with Praline Crunch

Chocolate, Banana & Rum filled topped with shredded pink coconut angel flakes

Doughnut Sandwiches

Maple Glazed, filled with Bacon, Peanut Butter & Banana

Maple Glazed, Filled with Bacon & Egg

Duck & Pork Rillette with Green Peppercorn Mayo & Peach/Yuzu Salsa


Sobrasada filled Doughnut Holes with sides of Roasted Padron Peppers & Truffle Honey

Pumpkin & Bacon Fritters with Pumpkin Spice Glaze

Blueberry Fritters

Deep Fried Oreo Cookie Dough Balls on a stick

Deep Fried Vanilla Cheesecake

We really look forward to seeing you there!

Chloƫ & Bruno x

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