Forza Win Pizza Pilgrims Pop-up

Since they first launched their little pizza van onto the London street food scene just a few months ago, those Pizza Pilgrims seem to be rapidly gaining in notoriety and momentum, picking up additional pilgrims along the way (hi Bash). Along with their lunchtime spot on Berwick Street in Soho, they’ve popped up in pubs and at various music and food festivals along their journey. Their latest venture is their most ambitious yet, if ony because they’ve chosen an al fresco London roof top as their venue in what is our highly changeable British Summertime.

I was invited along to one of their preview evenings on Thursday, to get a taster of their upcomming supperclub; Forza Win. It just happened to be an incredible late June evening and the effort of climbing those many Shoreditch building steps to reach the rooftop reaped the reward of an incredible view; all of East London stretched out beneath us bathed in the dregs of the days sunshine. A makeshift bar to the right has Thom churning out refreshing glasses of Aperol Spritz, to the left a long table was ready to take diners (our evening was a more casual standing affair), a little further along on the right is a comfy area with super cute Forza Win cushions, and at the very back is the purpose built woodfired oven which James mans all evening.


I’ve already told you how great the pizzas these guys make are, and they seem to have really gotten it down to an art form now, knocking out beautifully charred numbers on demand. I tasted a variety of different toppings and they’re possibly even better than those I’ve had previously; from simple margheritas to spicy nduja topped creations, these pizzas rock. Pared with Italian cocktails, and the whole of London transforming from azure blue to twinkling, winking night skies as night falls to form your dramatic backdrop, for a pretty unbeatable combination.

The Forza Win supper club will be running every Thursday to Sunday from now until the end of September. It will comprise of a ragu starter, pizza main and Gelupa gelato to finish, along with a selection of different entertainment. Tickets are already selling fast, and with the only uncertainty being the weather, maybe have a crystal ball on hand when you book…


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7 Responses to Forza Win Pizza Pilgrims Pop-up

  1. Phil says:

    interesting blog this one, would love t get out onto that roof, mix with the crowd and eat Pizza, as you say you do need the weather though, but sounds really nice something a little different eh?

  2. Subsistence says:

    Sounds amazing, can’t wait to go! I’m also pretty sure that I saw their van at the new Farmer’s Market just off Fulham Broadway on a recent Saturday morning – do you have any idea if they’re going to be a permanent feature?

  3. KSalty says:

    Such a good idea – let’s hope the weather turns in their favour. Rain-soaked pizza = sadness.

    • chloe says:

      Subsistence – Sorry, I’ve not heard of them being at Fulham Broadway. Their usual spot is Berwick Street, but they do travel around so who knows….

      K Salty – Absolutely. No-one likes a soggy pizza!

  4. Mark Jones says:

    Definitely a real winner !

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