Griddled Doughnut Peaches, Feta, Pistachio & Mint

This is more of a suggestion than a recipe really as it’s all I’ve been craving in these lazy days, full of glorious sunshine and air like soup, that inspires a big fat negative on the activity, and certainly cooking, front. Peaches, juicy, ripe and fragrant peaches are sometimes enough to be honest, I’m faintly obsessed with them this Summer, but when I can be bothered to do more, it’s this.

Not only are doughnut (or flat, but why take the fun out of it?) peaches blessed with The Best fruit name, they’re comical, cute, look like ballerina buns and stack prettily in pictures. No, I didn’t. Griddled, they soften and the delicate almond flesh turns to sticky honeyed sweetness, caramelises in parts and releases the most beautiful perfumed fragrance that translates entirely to taste. The downy skin wrinkles a little in places and reminds me of the soft focus, fading beauty of rose petals; peach, mottled plum and violet blush. A punchy, barrelled aged, feta becomes creamy in contrast and adds just enough salty to balance. Torn mint lends a herbal, almost medicinal quality, I smile at textural play betwixt fuzzy peach skin and ever so slightly rough mint leaf surface. Pistachios because…. Well, always pistachios.

I’m inclined to dress with a grassy olive oil but it just doesn’t need it, just some cracked black pepper, the flavours here and soft, oozy, peach juice is just enough.

What a sexy little summer salad, non?


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