Lucky’s Humpty Dumpty Easter Eggs

OK, so for those of you who aren’t convinced by the best brownie in the world (and if not, what’s wrong with you?!) and want something a little more egg shaped for Easter, I have found a worthy alternative.  Lucky’s have already won me over with their range of fine chocolate enrobed cakes and so I was intrigued to see what wonders they would create as their Easter offering. The two magicians behind the Lucky name, live and breathe their favourite childhood book ’Alice in Wonderland’ and live in a special London portal to the wonderful world of Wonderland. Everything they produce is drenched in magic and extravagance and I knew I wouldn’t be dissapointed.

So when the queen of Hearts decreed her Easter royal guest be Humpty Dumpty due to his egg like shape, they were a slave to her wishes and created a version of their round friend in milk, white and dark chocolates. But with their usual creative flair these are like no Easter eggs you’ve come across before but have a hidden wall with unusual fillings – clever, for Humpty shall not fall from walls of his own flesh. I fear even Alice won’t be able to save him over the next couple of weeks in this delicious incarnation….. 

Sir White PumpkingWhite chocolate egg with spiced pumpkin and coconut compote filled shell

This was extremely sweet and creamy with that very unusual sounding pumpkin filling. In reality it tasted like a very decadent pumpkin pie drenched in white chocolate. I’m not usually a fan of white chocolate but Valrhona’s is not horrifically sweet like some, I could have done with a few more of those spices, but this definately worked despite sounding the strangest of the three.

Dear Chess-Nut Mate40% milk chocolate with vanilla and chestnut puree filled shell

Mmmm, this was good, a rich milk chocolate that  yields to it’s vanillery sweet puree filling and finishes with a hint of chestnut. These are really mellow dreamy flavours and melt rather well together.  


Lord Dark Tophiusdark 60% chocolate with a milk caramel filling

This glossy dark egg was my favourite of the three and by far the messiest! The 60% chocolate was dark, rich and sweet without being too challenging just as an Easter Egg should be. The filling was a lusciously naughty, silky smooth caramel, reminiscent of condensed milk.

Lucky’s only use premium Grand Cru Valrhona chocolate, and combined with their passion and attention to detail there was never going to be a problem with the fine quality of these eggs.  I just love the ethos behind the brand and I think these eggs are a fantastically different idea. In this smaller 60g format I think they work perfectly, easy to prise apart, they’re a good size portion. The fillings are unnusual but I like that; I wonder wether the milk would have worked better with a zestier, contrasting middle, as I found the flavours blended together a little too well but that could also be a positive point. I also wonder wether the Queen of Hearts might create me a dark chocolate egg with a pistachio marzipan filling, because that really would be the stuff of my dreams…    

 I found my Lucky’s eggs at the Chocolate Festival last weekend with a full range of their Easter eggs and managed to strike a bit of a deal but they normally retail at about £7, they had huge versions available but I liked my cute little humpty dumpties. They currently have a pop up shop at Harvey Nichols until the end of the month, so if you’re looking for something a little bit different but still in that traditional egg shapped package then I suggest you get on over there as soon as you can!

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4 Responses to Lucky’s Humpty Dumpty Easter Eggs

  1. Jing says:

    I fully take back what I said about the chocolate festival. Those eggs . look. amazing. want. now. ! The dark chocolate w/ caramel filling? Oh my. Have you had the M&S ones with praline mousse? Not too bad but not like this…:)

    • chloe says:

      Jing – ahhh, I told you there was good stuff there! Yeah, the caramel egg was pretty damn good. Not tried the M&S one, no. I’m not usually a fan of their chocolate, but praline mousse sounds interesting….

  2. Crumpeats says:

    I LOVE this packaging.. not sure how I’d eat it!

    Never heard of Lucky’s either..what’s their normal fare?


    • chloe says:

      Hannah – I know, just adore the whole package! Lucky’s specialise in the most incredible chocolate enrobed brownies and honey cakes, well worth trying if you ever come across them

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