Patty and Bun at The Endurance

I love burgers in pubs.

I’m not talking any ordinary burgers here or any ordinary pubs. We’re not talking gastropubs, but proper boozers. The burgers, well they need to be a bit special too. No. I’m talking about the likes of the Meatwagon at The Rye, or my current favourite Lucky Chip’s residence at the Sebright Arms. They’re a refreshing change from all the trendy bars and chi chi restaraunts; over thought out and yet none the more enjoyable for it.

Patty and Bun, now in their second incarnation, are the latest example; serving burgers out of the kitchen of The Endurance on Soho’s Berwick Street 3 nights a week. A proper pub you can have a proper drink in, and order burgers if you fancy. And of course you fancy when they’re this mouthwatering.

I choose the Smokey Robinson which is a big, beefy patty on a bed of annoyingly large, but crisp lettuce leaf and tomato (obviously I whipped both of these out in order to get my chops around this beauty), ketchup, smokey P & B mayo, and topped with bacon, plenty of cheese, and great mounds of sweet, caramelised onions all within a great, glossy brioche bun.  The presentation is cute; a little takeaway box is printed with the cheeky instruction to ‘bite me’. On opening, the box suddenly seems tiny when compared to the magnificent burger nestled snugly within it’s clutches, a touch too snuggly as I try to get my hands round that bun. I bite into my burger with trepidation having just watched a friend release a waterfall of juice from his. Mines not quite as messy or pink as his, but I’m glad I’m not wearing white all the same. I love the smokey and sweet combination with the well seasoned patty, and bun that manages to hold out untill the last bite. Chicken wings are good, as are the rosemary salt, triple cooked chips, though they don’t look quite as amazing as pictures I’ve seen from their last pop-up in Battersea.

I managed to get to The Endurance on their first service, along with a quite impressive number of #teamburger where, as usual, we drank far too much for a school night. I think the conclusion was unanimous; happy faces all round. The delightful Joe and his burgers will be serving Tuesday to Thursday evenings for the next two weeks, before popping up somewhere new.


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