Plum, Fennel & Duck Salad

I have no choice but to come clean; this ingredient combination was completely and shamelessly thieved from @Razzbingo . The moment I read his tweet alluding to a rather incredible meal he was planning, I knew I had to have a small but sexy part of it. Plum and fennel. What absolute Autumnal magic! How had I not thought to pair the two together in such devious style as he had? He had me feeling all inadequate.

I couldn’t wait, and bought the ingredients on my home from work. That evening I made a very simple salad, combining just the fennel and plum with a dressing made with red wine vinegar, a little orange juice and zest, and plenty of seasoning. It was stunningly simple and went very well with some pork belly I was cooking.

A few days later I had the need for it again, but also for the duck that would be it’s natural plate companion. I wanted to intensify the plum in this salad, so roasted the duck with halved plums tucked in all around. The rendered plum is then wonderful served simply with the roast duck and some roast spuds, I then used a large spoonful of it in the dressing for my salad the following day.

I don’t really have a precise recipe, but very roughly per person cut both a plump little fennel bulb and ripe plum into wafer thin slices, chuck in a handful of leftover duck, then toss with a dressing made with the rendered ducky plums, red wine vinegar, a squeeze of orange juice plus a little zest and salt and pepper.




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2 Responses to Plum, Fennel & Duck Salad

  1. Chris says:

    I keep looking for a deep fried element of this and I can’t see one. Are you feeling OK?

    • chloe says:

      Chris – Ha!! You’re right. I haven’t deep fried anything in a while. Maybe I should have deep fried the plums. Maybe the duck. Hell, deep fried fennel sounds pretty damn good too. Might re-write this…

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