Prufrock Coffee Rocks!

When my brother told me last week that the best coffee was located in a blokes clothes shop in Shoreditch High Street, I was at first unsurprised. He’s a skateboarder and has a certain knack  of knowing about cool and quirky London happenings. I also took his recommendation with a pinch of salt, I mean, doesn’t everyone know where to find ‘the best’ coffee/sandwich/burger/whatever. However, upon clicking the link to the shop Present that he emailed me, I discovered he could, on this occasion, be right…..

It turns out the coffee is to be found in a shop called Present and is purely a temporary location for Prufrock Coffee. The man behind this operation is 2009 World Barista Champion Gwylim Davies, and he, along with other talented baristas, pulls the Square Mile Blend from an absolutely beautiful Victoria Arduino espresso machine that was a gift to him for winning his title.

I had a long black which I found to be smooth, rich and sweet, basically all I could wish for in a paper cup. The barista serving me was an affable American self confessed coffee geek who appeared to be as into making my coffee as I was drinking it, he spotted a Fernandez & Wells postcard tucked into my notebook and told me that’s where he had worked previously, this came as no surprise as he exhibited the same friendly, laid back serving style I had experienced there.

As much as I adored the coffee, there is no-where to sit here and no food available so I made a mental note to remember it if ever in the area and made to leave. When the guy told me Prufrock are in the process of moving to a Cafe this week I was beyond excited, what luck! The location is to be Leather Lane and the plan is to have a proper cafe with seating and snacks as well as coffee workshops in a downstairs area.

Could this be a contender for my greatest lunch spot? I don’t know about that but I do know the coffee is going to awesome, so that’s a good start. I’m already there, watch this space!!

Oh yeah, so I still needed something to scoff before I walked home, so nipped into a charming little cafe just off Borough Market that I stupidly can’t remember the name of but I shall probably re-visit. I tucked into a lovely little iced strawberry cake sat at an upstairs window umongst afternoon teaing groups nibbling dainty pastries and cakes and sipping tea, delightful! In hindsight not my greatest idea ever as I had a nasty sugar crash walking back, don’t suppose I’ll learn though….

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2 Responses to Prufrock Coffee Rocks!

  1. martha says:

    ok, this is on my list for next year when I start Uni there :)
    I am on this hunt for London’s best coffee shops…it’s nice to see others as “into” coffee as I am :)

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