Sweet Potato and Black Pudding Hash with Duck Egg

Aside from the blindingly obvious, I can tell it’s getting colder when I get home and instantly and uncharacteristically get the urge to do the washing up, plunging numb fingers into blisteringly hot soapy water is suddenly transformed from a chore to the most blissful treat. It’s around the same time that I start to really crave comfort food; root vegetables, sausages and slow cooked food that promises to warm up my pathetically, pitifully, uselessly, storage heated (ha?!) kitchen in the most appealing way, thawing me out in a two way hug.

Ok, so this recipe is a quick one, not likely to central heat a nippy flat but it needed to satisfy a comfort craving quickly and I’ve eaten it in various incarnations over the last few days, surely a sign of the impending cold darkness if ever there was one (a combo of beetroot and potato was also very good). This is my favourite at the moment though, the sweet potato making a nice alternative to regular and marrying magically with black pudding and duck egg. Of course ‘hash’ can be anything at all lying around the kitchen, it’s a frying pan jumble that often goes in as leftovers (roasts are particularly good) and emerges a crispy edged thing of beauty, I generally feel the need for a fried egg draped across the top, whether it needs it or not, it always just feels ‘right’.

Serves 2

2 large sweet potatoes

handful of shallots (or a large onion)

black pudding – about 200g



2 duck eggs

Peel and dice the sweet potato then boil for around 8 minutes until tender but not falling apart.

Fry the shallots in plenty of oil, then add the sweet potatoes and continue to cook until they’re turning crispy and coloured on all sides. Meanwhile peel the outer skin from black pudding, then slice or crumble into a separate pan to warm through, transferring to the first frying pan when the sweet potatoes are nearly done.

Finally fry the duck eggs, leaving the yolk nice and runny to sauce the hash below.


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2 Responses to Sweet Potato and Black Pudding Hash with Duck Egg

  1. Amanda says:

    Thanks for this one Chloe! Got half a leg of lamb from yesterdays roast, sweet potatoes and black pudding in the fridge so guess what’s for dinner?! Thought of your recipe straight away x

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