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A brunch twist on Panzanella for the onset of Autumn

Tweet I struggle with raw tomatoes in this country. Unless plucked directly from our allotment, still warm from the sun’s kiss and sweet from the caress of fresh air and goodness, they just don’t taste good; bitter, wet and sour … Continue reading

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Changing of the Seasons – Vegetables and Pumpkin Doughnuts

TweetThere’s nothing I love more than a proper Summer, just like the one we’ve just been treated to; by that I mean more than one glorious week in May and then another in September to bookmark the season that’s otherwise … Continue reading

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Plum, Fennel & Duck Salad

Tweet I have no┬áchoice but to come clean;┬áthis ingredient combination was completely and shamelessly thieved from @Razzbingo . The moment I read his tweet alluding to a rather incredible meal he was planning, I knew I had to have a … Continue reading

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