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Lardo & Smoked Salt Pretzels

Tweet I got my days all skewed last week. Why did I squander a balmy Friday evening slaving away in a humid kitchen when Sunday was so miserable? Oh well, with our unpredictable weather, these things can’t be planned, and … Continue reading

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A brunch twist on Panzanella for the onset of Autumn

Tweet I struggle with raw tomatoes in this country. Unless plucked directly from our allotment, still warm from the sun’s kiss and sweet from the caress of fresh air and goodness, they just don’t taste good; bitter, wet and sour … Continue reading

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N’duja Focaccia

Tweet One of my favourite places to take brunch these days is Salon in Brixton Village. I hear they do a cracking evening service but, well, brunch is where my heart is, and after a tough session at the gym, … Continue reading

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Brick House Bakery, Bamn Fit and Manfood’s Cocktail Jams

TweetI’ve made two life changing discoveries in the last couple of months. In fact it was making the decision to take up semi private training sessions at Bamn Fit (highly recommended) that enabled the discovery of the second. Yeah. *smug face* (sorry) … Continue reading

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Sandwiches – A Retrospective Post

TweetIn a state of slothful lethargy, it took a single image of a toastie from @Rocketandsquash to rouse me into action, out of the house and to the shops to procure some suitable ingredients. Of course, by this point, it … Continue reading

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Fig, Feta and Juniper Focaccia

Tweet I’ve had variations of this recipe ruminating and germinating about my noddle for a while now. It started out as a twist on a classic Italian black grape bread; I paired tiny sweet sable grapes with crushed juniper and … Continue reading

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Third Wave Doughnuts?

TweetI’ve been bemoaning London’s lack of many good doughnut options for too long, it got to the point where I was quite seriously rolling out my own creations in a bid to get more good and more interesting doughnuts to … Continue reading

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Hackney Wild at Home

TweetIt was love at first bite. Tearing through chewy crust to addictively tangy, firm crumbed bread, marbled with a smattering of glossy holes was an epiphany. More intense with somehow a more satisfyingly toothsome crust than any sourdough bread I’d … Continue reading

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Bread Class at E5 Bakehouse

Tweet Bread. My love. My nemesis. I’ve been aching for this class at E5 Bakehouse ever since I made the frankly unrivalled decision to book it, and lucky I didn’t dither any longer as it was literally the last bread … Continue reading

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Sandwich Love and a Quest

TweetMy history with sandwiches, like many others I’m sure, starts way back in my humble tupperware lunchbox with a very basic and monotonous beginning; fom the age of ooooh about 5 till 11 my packed lunch consisted of 1 white bread sandwich spread … Continue reading

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