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N’duja Focaccia

Tweet One of my favourite places to take brunch these days is Salon in Brixton Village. I hear they do a cracking evening service but, well, brunch is where my heart is, and after a tough session at the gym, … Continue reading

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Pancetta, Peach, Bourbon & Thyme Breakfast Buns

Tweet This is a bun that shoehorns everything I want for breakfast into one neat package. Sweet, savoury, peach and porky, spikily salty and sugary with a herbal twist. Umm, and booze… I based this on Felicity Cloake’s chelsea bun … Continue reading

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Neighbourhood Dining – 161 Kirk & Fields Cafe

TweetIf you asked me which of the many, many restaurant, cafe and bar openings I was most excited about last year, I wouldn’t hesitate with my two answers – Fields and 161 Kirk. As I’ve grown more meh about proper … Continue reading

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Two Twists on the Classic Turkish Egg Dish, Çilbir

Tweet I’ve spoken about my love of brunch before, how I will often have brunch for dinner, it’s usually a quick solution combining many of my favourite things. I tend to err towards a balance of comfort and spice, something … Continue reading

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Ideas for Wild Garlic + Pancetta, Wild Garlic & Pecorino Potato Cakes

TweetI’m such a bad cook. Completely fickle. Like each new food fad, I view each new season’s produce with fresh verve, as though never encountered before, with virgin’s eyes. I sparkle and crackle with inspiration, feverishly hunting out whatever new-to-this-season-thing-it-is … Continue reading

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Breakfasting in Style – Street Kitchen, Fingers Crossed & Tuckshop

TweetStreet Kitchen were clearly proud of their latest location and spanking new breakfast menu as I received a flurry of messages via Instagram and Twitter keen for me to check it out. I had no doubt it would be an … Continue reading

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Brunch Buns

Tweet Brunch is the one meal most of us look forward to the very most, due to a combination of factors, I expect. Rather than a specific time of day, brunch signifies a style of eating that encompasses a feeling … Continue reading

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Whisky Doughnut Eggy Bread with Candied Bacon

Tweet You know? Sometimes, I’m not sure wether to be proud or disgusted with myself for coming up with the things I do. Am I the only one whose brain farts this sort of thing out on a regular basis? … Continue reading

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Third Wave Doughnuts?

TweetI’ve been bemoaning London’s lack of many good doughnut options for too long, it got to the point where I was quite seriously rolling out my own creations in a bid to get more good and more interesting doughnuts to … Continue reading

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Changing of the Seasons – Vegetables and Pumpkin Doughnuts

TweetThere’s nothing I love more than a proper Summer, just like the one we’ve just been treated to; by that I mean more than one glorious week in May and then another in September to bookmark the season that’s otherwise … Continue reading

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