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Hash Brown Waffles with Wild Garlic Pesto & Gruyere

Tweet Gosh, but it’s taken me an age to spit out a new blog post, hasn’t it?! Believe me then, that this is worth the effort. Sage Appliances sent me a waffle maker (cheers guys!) – so you can only … Continue reading

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A brunch twist on Panzanella for the onset of Autumn

Tweet I struggle with raw tomatoes in this country. Unless plucked directly from our allotment, still warm from the sun’s kiss and sweet from the caress of fresh air and goodness, they just don’t taste good; bitter, wet and sour … Continue reading

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N’duja Focaccia

Tweet One of my favourite places to take brunch these days is Salon in Brixton Village. I hear they do a cracking evening service but, well, brunch is where my heart is, and after a tough session at the gym, … Continue reading

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Pancetta, Peach, Bourbon & Thyme Breakfast Buns

Tweet This is a bun that shoehorns everything I want for breakfast into one neat package. Sweet, savoury, peach and porky, spikily salty and sugary with a herbal twist. Umm, and booze… I based this on Felicity Cloake’s chelsea bun … Continue reading

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Neighbourhood Dining – 161 Kirk & Fields Cafe

TweetIf you asked me which of the many, many restaurant, cafe and bar openings I was most excited about last year, I wouldn’t hesitate with my two answers – Fields and 161 Kirk. As I’ve grown more meh about proper … Continue reading

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Two Twists on the Classic Turkish Egg Dish, Çilbir

Tweet I’ve spoken about my love of brunch before, how I will often have brunch for dinner, it’s usually a quick solution combining many of my favourite things. I tend to err towards a balance of comfort and spice, something … Continue reading

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Ideas for Wild Garlic + Pancetta, Wild Garlic & Pecorino Potato Cakes

TweetI’m such a bad cook. Completely fickle. Like each new food fad, I view each new season’s produce with fresh verve, as though never encountered before, with virgin’s eyes. I sparkle and crackle with inspiration, feverishly hunting out whatever new-to-this-season-thing-it-is … Continue reading

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Breakfasting in Style – Street Kitchen, Fingers Crossed & Tuckshop

TweetStreet Kitchen were clearly proud of their latest location and spanking new breakfast menu as I received a flurry of messages via Instagram and Twitter keen for me to check it out. I had no doubt it would be an … Continue reading

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Brunch Buns

Tweet Brunch is the one meal most of us look forward to the very most, due to a combination of factors, I expect. Rather than a specific time of day, brunch signifies a style of eating that encompasses a feeling … Continue reading

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Whisky Doughnut Eggy Bread with Candied Bacon

Tweet You know? Sometimes, I’m not sure wether to be proud or disgusted with myself for coming up with the things I do. Am I the only one whose brain farts this sort of thing out on a regular basis? … Continue reading

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