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Gin Garden at The Hoxton Hotel

TweetI’ve found myself back at The Hoxton Hotel more than a few times recently for various events, doesn’t hurt that it’s a doddle to get back home from, my usual gripe, being situated a short stroll from Old Street Station. … Continue reading

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Blood Orange & Cardamom Olive Oil Cake with Campari Drizzle

TweetSome ingredients can be a complete bugger to get hold of can’t they? I’m talking of course from my personal situation of living in the less than central Beckenham, god knows how you cope if you live any further from the centre of … Continue reading

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Fig, Pistachio and Cardamom Friands

Tweet I had an overwhelming urge to bake friands this weekend. Don’t ask me why. Maybe it was a sharpness to the air that brought premonitions of Autumn and the desire to retreat to the kitchen. It could have just been that I’ve accumulated an … Continue reading

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Lemon, cardamom & pistachio deep fried cake bites, or a Happy Accident

Tweet I told you that when I tasted Ruby Violet’s lemon and cardamom ice cream at Brockley Market I was going to pinch the flavour combination didn’t I? There was something dreamy and faintly exotic about the marriage; sweet, zesty and light with that … Continue reading

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Cardamom and Rose Petal Sugar Doughnuts

Tweet My purchase of a deep fat fryer understandibly initiated an immediate flurry of doughnut making activity. Doughnuts have become quite the in thing recently, and it wouldn’t be Saturday without watching the quite amusing sport that has become the race for a sought after St John Bakery … Continue reading

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