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Summer’s Here – Of Peaches, Figs & Elderflowers

TweetA sudden craving to be pottering around in the kitchen means – oh there it is –  a new season has arrived, bringing with it fresh produce and inspiration renewed. I’m as ever predictably whimsy. I had, not a small, … Continue reading

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Of Pasta & Figs

TweetI love the transition between Summer and Autumn possibly most of all of any of the other season’s handovers. It’s perhaps no coincidence then that this ephemeral, twilight period is when figs drop auspiciously into shops, causing my heart to … Continue reading

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Fig, Feta and Juniper Focaccia

Tweet I’ve had variations of this recipe ruminating and germinating about my noddle for a while now. It started out as a twist on a classic Italian black grape bread; I paired tiny sweet sable grapes with crushed juniper and … Continue reading

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Hackney Wild at Home

TweetIt was love at first bite. Tearing through chewy crust to addictively tangy, firm crumbed bread, marbled with a smattering of glossy holes was an epiphany. More intense with somehow a more satisfyingly toothsome crust than any sourdough bread I’d … Continue reading

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Fig, Pistachio and Cardamom Friands

Tweet I had an overwhelming urge to bake friands this weekend. Don’t ask me why. Maybe it was a sharpness to the air that brought premonitions of Autumn and the desire to retreat to the kitchen. It could have just been that I’ve accumulated an … Continue reading

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Fig, Prosciutto & Buffalo Mozzarella Spelt Pizzette

Tweet      Sliding into a new season always brings with it a glimmer of excitement, no matter how many years pass, shimmering echos of seasons past are never quite a match for those vibrant scents, images and memories that quickly come flooding back as though witnessing … Continue reading

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