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World Duty Free End Of Summer Cocktails – Blood Orange Cointreau

TweetI’m not in the habit of turning down hampers of booze. So I welcomed World Duty Free’s offer with open arms. Well, sort of. They asked if I’d like to recreate one of their Summer Drinks Festival cocktails. I actually … Continue reading

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An Ode to Kale and Pizza Fritta

Tweet Kale appears to be this seasons ubiquitous veg, replacing last years sprouts as green thing most likely to appear on a menu near you. I’d like to say I’m as impervious to current food hype as I am to … Continue reading

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Gin Garden at The Hoxton Hotel

TweetI’ve found myself back at The Hoxton Hotel more than a few times recently for various events, doesn’t hurt that it’s a doddle to get back home from, my usual gripe, being situated a short stroll from Old Street Station. … Continue reading

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The London Gin Club at The Star at Night

Tweet Around a year ago The London Gin Club was launched at the Star at Night, right in the centre of the West End, behind Oxford Street and sadly right now slightly obscured by building works. Stars. Gin. With such … Continue reading

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The Speakeasy Truffle Co.

Tweet I can’t deny that when Paul sent me an email out of the blue a couple of weeks ago asking if I’d like to try his cocktail chocolates my interest was piqued. You know I love both my cocktails … Continue reading

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Colonel Fox’s London Dry Gin

TweetI visited Imbibe Live a couple of weeks ago primarily for work, I was clearly not going to leave without giving myself plenty of time to give it a proper once over and sample as much as possible while it was under one roof and under my … Continue reading

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Bespoke Cocktails at The Purple Bar & Introducing the Chloë Negroni

Tweet Although not marked as such it’s fairly obvious which room holds the enticingly named Purple Bar within the Morgans group’s only marked hotel, The Sanderson. A cut glass purple mirrored doorway leads into an initially dim yet sparkly room, the … Continue reading

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Gin Masterclass at 69 Colebrooke Row

Tweet I’d been looking forward to Saturday for ages; ever since I booked my gin masterclass at 69 Colebrooke Row. I’ve not been drinking cocktails for long really, relatively, put off by those mixer heavy, sweet and watery concoctions of my youth; … Continue reading

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Gin Braised Fennel

Tweet     Gin and fennel. Two current infatuations that see no sign of losing momentum in my bid to seemingly squeeze them into every possible meal. Having an, not unnusual for me, intense craving for fennel last Friday, I also fancied trying new. I … Continue reading

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Tweet I have a confession. I’m afraid I fell in love with Mishkins , or the idea of, before I’d ever been, in fact my love affair started from the moment a new Twitter account popped up in the guise of Russell Norman’s … Continue reading

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