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Lardo & Smoked Salt Pretzels

Tweet I got my days all skewed last week. Why did I squander a balmy Friday evening slaving away in a humid kitchen when Sunday was so miserable? Oh well, with our unpredictable weather, these things can’t be planned, and … Continue reading

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Pancetta, Peach, Bourbon & Thyme Breakfast Buns

Tweet This is a bun that shoehorns everything I want for breakfast into one neat package. Sweet, savoury, peach and porky, spikily salty and sugary with a herbal twist. Umm, and booze… I based this on Felicity Cloake’s chelsea bun … Continue reading

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An Ode to Kale and Pizza Fritta

Tweet Kale appears to be this seasons ubiquitous veg, replacing last years sprouts as green thing most likely to appear on a menu near you. I’d like to say I’m as impervious to current food hype as I am to … Continue reading

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Raw Duck

TweetMy ears pricked and twitched like a cat that’s suddenly aware of a particularly tasty prey when I heard one of my favourite Soho spots, Duck Soup, was to open a second branch. I stalked the distance to Raw Duck … Continue reading

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The Quality Chop House

TweetIf I answered you honestly, when you asked me what drew me to the recently re-opened and under new management Quality Chop House, I’d have to say it was the plates. I’m a sucker for a pretty plate and from … Continue reading

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Tweet Lardo is one of those many places that has enjoyed much hype on Twitter, but seemed like just my sort of place anyway, so I crossed London, along with what always feels like half of the internet, hoping that they’d manage to sqeeze little old … Continue reading

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