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Of Pasta & Figs

TweetI love the transition between Summer and Autumn possibly most of all of any of the other season’s handovers. It’s perhaps no coincidence then that this ephemeral, twilight period is when figs drop auspiciously into shops, causing my heart to … Continue reading

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L’anima Cafe, *that* N’duja & A Peach, N’duja & Comte Toastie

TweetI hurriedly made a reservation during L’anima Cafe‘s soft opening around a month ago, if I’m honest on the merit of just a couple of items that had been brought to my attention via social media. It’s often the way. … Continue reading

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N’duja, Mozzarella and Basil Fritters

Tweet When toying with recipes, I often create a draft with notes in here that I might spend a week adding to and/or amending. I generally have a notion of what I want to make, it will then evolve as … Continue reading

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Cauliflower & N’duja Fritters

Tweet Another weekend’s past and another Sunday where I drink coffee and write/work until my stomach springs into action and demands something to eat, whereby I have to get up, hit the shops and rustle up whatever that thing is. … Continue reading

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Brunch Buns

Tweet Brunch is the one meal most of us look forward to the very most, due to a combination of factors, I expect. Rather than a specific time of day, brunch signifies a style of eating that encompasses a feeling … Continue reading

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Sapore Vero

Tweet Like many small towns, Beckenham has become a veritable stagnant melting pot of generic chains, a large proportion being mass produced faux Italian with a ridiculous three (or is it four?), owned by the same group, in an effort … Continue reading

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Jerusalem and a recipe for Aubergine Shakshuka with Nduja & Feta

Tweet I’m so predictable, I joined the rest of the world, or at least my little corner of it if my Twitter and Instagram feed is anything to go by, by¬†easing and eating myself into the new year by working … Continue reading

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