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L’anima Cafe, *that* N’duja & A Peach, N’duja & Comte Toastie

TweetI hurriedly made a reservation during L’anima Cafe‘s soft opening around a month ago, if I’m honest on the merit of just a couple of items that had been brought to my attention via social media. It’s often the way. … Continue reading

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N’duja, Mozzarella and Basil Fritters

Tweet When toying with recipes, I often create a draft with notes in here that I might spend a week adding to and/or amending. I generally have a notion of what I want to make, it will then evolve as … Continue reading

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Cauliflower & N’duja Fritters

Tweet Another weekend’s past and another Sunday where I drink coffee and write/work until my stomach springs into action and demands something to eat, whereby I have to get up, hit the shops and rustle up whatever that thing is. … Continue reading

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Brunch Buns

Tweet Brunch is the one meal most of us look forward to the very most, due to a combination of factors, I expect. Rather than a specific time of day, brunch signifies a style of eating that encompasses a feeling … Continue reading

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Sapore Vero

Tweet Like many small towns, Beckenham has become a veritable stagnant melting pot of generic chains, a large proportion being mass produced faux Italian with a ridiculous three (or is it four?), owned by the same group, in an effort … Continue reading

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Jerusalem and a recipe for Aubergine Shakshuka with Nduja & Feta

Tweet I’m so predictable, I joined the rest of the world, or at least my little corner of it if my Twitter and Instagram feed is anything to go by, by¬†easing and eating myself into the new year by working … Continue reading

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