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Peach & Pistachio Friands with Honey Whipped Greek Yoghurt

Tweet Guessed my latest food obsession? That’s right; peaches. I cannot get enough of them, and you’ll know this if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram. What? I have an addictive personality ok?! This year, it’s mainly the pale … Continue reading

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Griddled Doughnut Peaches, Feta, Pistachio & Mint

Tweet This is more of a suggestion than a recipe really as it’s all I’ve been craving in these lazy days, full of glorious sunshine and air like soup, that inspires a big fat negative on the activity, and certainly … Continue reading

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Blood Oranges – Two Salads & Some Aromatic Friands

Tweet Blood oranges are a great example of why it’s good to eat seasonally, asides from of all the ethical reasons of course, imagine how less glamorous they’d be if we could lay our hands on them every day, and … Continue reading

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Blood Orange & Cardamom Olive Oil Cake with Campari Drizzle

TweetSome ingredients can be a complete bugger to get hold of can’t they? I’m talking of course from my personal situation of living in the less than central Beckenham, god knows how you cope if you live any further from the centre of … Continue reading

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Medjool Dates – Two Recipes, Both Deep Fried.

Tweet Who am I to refuse an offer of the gorgeous, the glorious Medjool dates? Can you tell I like them? They’re the dessert, sweet, ultimate gift of the fruit world. When the lovely peeps from Medjool sent me a pack to see what … Continue reading

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Wintery Weekend Wafting

TweetI’d like to start by saying this post is sponsored by the humble, and severely underated by me, coat. Without one I would have been a cold and miserable girl this bitterly cold weekend and certainly wouldn’t have stayed out and about … Continue reading

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Fig, Pistachio and Cardamom Friands

Tweet I had an overwhelming urge to bake friands this weekend. Don’t ask me why. Maybe it was a sharpness to the air that brought premonitions of Autumn and the desire to retreat to the kitchen. It could have just been that I’ve accumulated an … Continue reading

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Lemon, cardamom & pistachio deep fried cake bites, or a Happy Accident

Tweet I told you that when I tasted Ruby Violet’s lemon and cardamom ice cream at Brockley Market I was going to pinch the flavour combination didn’t I? There was something dreamy and faintly exotic about the marriage; sweet, zesty and light with that … Continue reading

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Ricotta, Beetroot, Pistachio & Sour Cherry Rice & Quinoa Salad

Tweet A couple of weeks ago I had my Mother coming round for dinner and a catch up. Having not seen her for a while and it being just the two of us, I thought I’d create something that was wholly … Continue reading

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William Curley Bits & Bobs

TweetI was in William Curley’s beautiful Belgravia shop recently  and after gorging on his amazing patisseries, I also treated myself to a few things to take away. Here’s my thoughts on what I tried:  First is the Chocolate Caramel Mou. The chocolate used throughout … Continue reading

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