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World Duty Free End Of Summer Cocktails – Blood Orange Cointreau

TweetI’m not in the habit of turning down hampers of booze. So I welcomed World Duty Free’s offer with open arms. Well, sort of. They asked if I’d like to recreate one of their Summer Drinks Festival cocktails. I actually … Continue reading

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Gin Braised Fennel

Tweet     Gin and fennel. Two current infatuations that see no sign of losing momentum in my bid to seemingly squeeze them into every possible meal. Having an, not unnusual for me, intense craving for fennel last Friday, I also fancied trying new. I … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with Roasted Fennel, Bacon and Goats Cheese

Tweet Sometimes you just need a big plate of comfort food and Last Friday was one of those days; it was the end of a week that I was sincerely glad to see the back of. All I wanted to do was … Continue reading

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