The Espresso Room

The Espresso Room is just that. A room, literally little more than a broom cupboard in terms of size, that serves espresso’s and espresso based drinks. Only it’s so much more than that, because those espresso’s are without doubt some of the best shots I’ve ever tasted.

Lurking down a leafy London backstreet, immediately opposite Great Ormand Street, I’m never quite sure I’m going to come across the room until I’m almost upon it. Another cafe that’s not been pestered by my visits too often, due to my inability to make it into town during working hours. I’ve only managed to visit just a handful of times and yet it’s made such an impact that I’ll immediately plan a re-route of my journey if I’m anywhere in the vacinity during the week, which is sadly not often. The front is given prescence with bold graphics above and framing the doorway and a small, I do mean small, courtyard with simple wooden benches. The interior follows the same theme, simple but well thought out and stylish; there are more wooden benches along the right hand wall of the slim room facing it’s opposing wall that is mounted with cubist shelving, filled with coffee paraphernalia. The rooms main focus though is the bar, and more specifically the Synesso, all energy gravitates towards that direction as I await my espresso.

Owner Ben Townsend is an experienced barista trainer and so it’s no surprise that his staff pull exquisitely beautiful shots time after time with exceptional consistency. The house blend is Squaremile red brick and I don’t think I’ve tasted those beans better anywhere, the shots are stunningly sweet and rich with a thick crema. There is a small selection of sandwiches and tiny cakes usually on offer, well sourced and delicious, but I find it hard to see beyond that perfect coffee.

The Espresso Room may be small but it’s ever so perfectly formed. If you’re even remotely into coffee it’s an absolute must visit.


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2 Responses to The Espresso Room

  1. Phil says:

    those sandwiches look good, makes me Hungry

  2. Another place I’m going to have to visit…



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