Whisky Doughnut Eggy Bread with Candied Bacon

You know? Sometimes, I’m not sure wether to be proud or disgusted with myself for coming up with the things I do. Am I the only one whose brain farts this sort of thing out on a regular basis? Dunno. But, I guess someone’s got to it, might as well be me…

I had Manhattan doughnut dough in the freezer (as you do) crying out to be converted into something tasty. Add to this a Sunday full of procrastination ahead, as one generally does when supposed to be working/writing, in my case this tends to manifests itself as a spot of pottering around in the kitchen. I’ve had an unusual hankering for French toast this week; sod that, actually eggy bread – I always feel like I’m letting my child self down by using it’s posh name. This is where my head does that thing it does, where it combines a couple of things I like the sound of to make something superior; or at least I think the combined effort is, at any rate, more interesting.

Since the Manhattan dough is laced with whisky soaked citrus peel and cherries anyway, it seemed to make sense to add a glug more to the egg mixture. Bacon always goes with whisky right? Or is that just me again? It seemed pointless to hold back at this stage so I candied some streaky bacon too.

No, it’s not the healthiest thing in the world, but you’re not going to eat it every day are you? It *is* the sort of thing I want for brunch at home though i.e. not something you can get anywhere else and totally the sort of thing I’d serve if I had my own place. Make sure you have vegetables for dinner and don’t tell your Mum ok?!

This is completely adaptable to whatever you have to hand; be that regular ring doughnuts, brioche or even sourdough bread. The cherries in mine add an interesting sweetness which I love, and make for a juicy foil to the egg and bacon. You could add maple syrup, dust with sugar etc etc

Soak the doughnuts or bread in a beaten mixture of egg with a pinch of salt, slosh of whisky and spoon of melted butter, then fry in a little more butter for a few minutes on each side until crispy. For the candied bacon, just grill some streaky rashers topped with a layer of sugar (I use brown), and keep turning until crisp and glossy.

Really not the prettiest dish in the world, to be fair I didn’t try that hard, but oh so good!

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One Response to Whisky Doughnut Eggy Bread with Candied Bacon

  1. Phil says:

    well that looks pretty amazing, love the whisky thingy going on, x

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